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  • Natalie Wisdom

Tyler Jimenez, Professional Actor.

[Interview Date: January 15, 2020]

Pabbie in the First National Tour of Frozen and more.

What were the weeks leading up to March 12, 2020 like for you? And what were your thoughts and feelings when you found out the Frozen tour was being put on pause?

The week before we were put on hiatus, I sustained an injury, so it was a fairly stressful week. Add to that, the stress of the unknown. We were sent out so suddenly, without any concrete answers as to when/where we would be back; it was overwhelming.

Did you initially anticipate that Broadway and other theatre productions would be closed for this long?

The simple answer is no, I imagined everyone would be back to work in a few months at the most. Oh, how wrong I was.

What have you been doing over the past year or so to stay sane? What has helped you the most?

I have been taking a course to become a certified personal trainer, which has helped me feel productive. I have also been reading a bunch, which has always been a comfort.

What has been the hardest thing about the past months since the shutdown?

The hardest part of COVID, for me, is the feeling of being useless. A lot of my friends have other skills they can fall back on, but I don’t really have those. I have had to learn to validate myself even when, in my mind, I’m doing nothing.

What positives, if any, do you think have come out of this time of quarantine?

I have been able to spend so much wonderful time with my family, seeing my young nieces and nephew grow, little by little.

What has your dancing life been like in the months since the shutdown?

Oh, haha. Well, I was taking some online dance classes, but the studio space I was using began its classes. No studio space makes really dancing, difficult.

What do you miss the most about live theatre?

The playful moments onstage with your cast mates.

What’s your favorite theatre memory?

I saw the revival of Hair back in the mid 2000's, and I got to go dance onstage during the finale. It was the first time I got to be on a Broadway stage.

What is the thing you’re most excited to do when live theatre is back?

Live my life!

What advice do you have for young Broadway hopefuls during this time?

Keep the grit! This too will pass and we will be able to dance and sing and act again!

Lightning Round:

Favorite Broadway Musical: Ragtime

Favorite role you’ve played: Floyd Collins

Dream role: Emcee in Cabaret

Favorite Movie Musical: Chicago

Movie that you think should be a musical: The Notebook

Favorite Broadway Theatre Ritual and/or tradition: I don’t know too much about it, but the Gypsy Robe has always seemed really cool!

Favorite Dance Step: Jete

Favorite City on Tour: Seattle!

Favorite Dressing Room item: the snack of the day

Favorite Broadway or Dance Icon: Gavin Creel

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